Breatheology – The Power Of Breathing

by | September 2020 | News

It is September and we are returning to some sort of normal, even though that might include a bit heavier accessorizing/ masking than just a light September jacket. Was the summer good to all, did you rest, replenish and leave space for what comes next?

We took some much needed time off and Georgios also spent some beautiful moments with Stig Severinsen, the founder of Breatheology. Georgios perfected his technique, and deepened his practice on Breatheology, which combines breathing with body exercises that resemble Yoga- this technique is very helpful for anyone who wants to enhance their breathing, and therefore their quality of life.

We are now coming back ready for new adventures, additions and realizations, and looking forward to sharing our news with you online or in person if you prefer.

Love and Light,
Christina and Georgios