Home Birth, a new life story

by | February 2021 | News

As we were recently invited to an interview by the Down to Birth Show (the best podcast show in the USA for everything birth-related), we relived the emotions of our son’s birth and thought that our story might be useful for parents who are looking for a more natural way to bring their babies into the world, but also for all of us who think something is impossible…until we try it. You see, our son was born “unconventionally”, as we chose a homebirth and water birth, going against medical recommendations by the doctors of New York and Connecticut.

Our reasoning? Trust in our intuition, and a deep trust in our body that knows exactly what to do. This does not of course mean that homebirth or waterbirth is for everyone, nor that we would ever recommend going against medical advice, and it definitely does not mean that this decision came easy for us. But it did teach us something that we now want to scream from the rooftops and share with the world, and that is to listen to our inner voice, to our internal compass which lights the way in dark days and luminous days, if only we tune in, listen and not betray it.

With the help of Hypnotherapy and HypnoBirthing, Micah came into the world in peace and harmony, teaching us from the first day of his life that by conquering our mind, everything is possible. If you want to tune in to the interview, press here #78 | Christina’s Run From Induction to a Home Birth with Group B Strep

If you want to know more about this perinatal method of HypnoBirthing, which is based on Hypnotherapy principles with relaxation techniques and visualizations, as well as offering deep knowledge in all matters related to pregnancy and birth, you can read the article that was just posted in Washington Post  (if you have a subscription), or visit our HypnoBirthing page. It goes without saying that Hypnotherapy is not only supportive in pregnancy and birth. Hypnotherapy is ideal for all situations that ask us to reprogram our mind, believe in our potential and therefore lead a life of self-love and self-respect.

With love and light,
Christina & Georgios