Learning to trust myself and feel safe within myself

by | July 2019 | Testimonials

I have been blessed with the wonderful gift of experiencing both hypnotherapy and Life between Lives with Christina.

Many deep-seated issues of not just this life, but rather my existence have come up in quite a miraculous way during our sessions. Christina has the gift of listening… really listening with such love and presence and has helped me to travel deep within to experience great peace and insight into my true self, helping me to see and experience myself and my experiences from a higher perspective and to consciously manifest and to be aware of the fact that I am an empowered conscious creator of my experience rather than a victim, programmed by my subconscious mind.

She asks me questions that are so filled with wisdom and insight that they have shifted both my perspective and experience and have helped me to access both my own inner wisdom and truth, rather than look outside of myself.

This is the absolute magic of working with Christina, she guides me and helps me to find my own answers rather than looking outside of myself which I always did in the past. By going within myself in a way that is very experiential, I am learning to trust myself and feel safe within myself, and to embody and own this transformation within my own being. WOW! That is really huge for me! And I know that these experiences have just touched the tip of the iceberg, and that many other things are shifting and beautiful things are opening up for me through this work! Thank you Christina! I feel so blessed to know you and honored to work with you.

M.L, New York