Living in the now (and what about the past?!?)

by | January 2021 | News

Micah and Leo are playing the piano and creating their experience. A new friendship that has only moments- there is no past, no beliefs, no thoughts, no judgement, only present. We mostly spend our day talking and walking around people we know from the past. We are watching on TV actors, politicians, anchormen and women, guessing what they will say and how they will act because we “know” them from the past.

We wonder how different our life would be if we stopped seeing the past in people, if we stopped recognizing and scanning people based on past experiences and behaviors.

What do we know about them except their past? We say one reason we are globally wearing masks is because we need to unrecognize, to stop focusing on the facial characteristics and look only in people’s eyes- maybe the time has come to realize we are all equal, all from the same material, all One. Only eyes and an empty past like a fresh new mask.

Leo and Micah will keep playing the piano without thinking about the previous notes, without dwelling on musical mistakes, without judging the sound of the music and without caring about what the audience will say..

A Happy New 2021 will come from new ideas because what we see right here, right now will be totally meaningless until…we play the piano.

Love and light,
Christina and Georgios