Miami- the hot wind of change

by | July 2021 | News


Yes, we know we have been MIA- we have been setting up camp in South Florida. What we can share so far is that the weather is hot, humid and often stormy as this is the tropical hurricane season. People seem to complain about it, but in reality it is just like a Greek summer with extra humidity. We have taken a particular liking to all the majestic palm trees, and our 4-year old son is mesmerized by the myriad of construction sites we see along the highways.

Most importantly, there is a wind of change in Miami. The night we arrived, it took us two hours to get home as all the streets of Little Havana were closed with Cubans peacefully protesting. Today was the 125th birthday of Miami- perhaps the most multicultural city in the world right now (more than half of the residents are Hispanic and were born outside of the U.S.A.  Spanish, English and Creole are the most common languages spoken, along with French and Portuguese). And also look into Miami’s stance on cryptocurrencies, as it is expected to become the crypto-capital of the world in the near future. These might be only some of the reasons that allure more and more people to choose Miami as their residence, together of course with enjoying the beach and warm weather 365 days a year.


As far as we are concerned, we have been catching up with old friends/ clients and have started to welcome some new ones to The Holistic Awareness Center, hoping we can help spread mindful awareness through a holistic understanding of mind, body and spirit.

As the last two years have taught all of us, we are always around no matter where you are physically located, and are looking forward to in-person or virtual sessions with you. Keep up the joyful play, stay centered, remember to breathe and remember to smile!

Love and light,
Christina and Georgios