One of the select few I trust to help you welcome your baby

by | November 2017 | Testimonials

I met Christina a few days before she gave birth, when she decided to take the birth of her son into her own hands and rang my doorbell looking for a safe, gentle, natural, comfortable, peaceful and joyful birth.

Being with her throughout her labor and the birth of her beautiful son, I knew we had gained an advocate for natural, calm and safe birthing. Christina has so much to offer from her own birth experience, her professional background and her HypnoBirthing knowledge; she is loving, articulate and intuitive and understands women and motherhood so deeply.

Christina is uniquely qualified to educate parents on all the options they have so that they can make informed decisions for the healthiest pregnancy and birth. She is one of the select few that I trust to help you welcome your baby in the safest, gentlest and most loving way.

I am looking forward to partnering with Christina to help new parents bring their babies into the world in a way that respects the process of birth and honors the babies who deserve the best possible start in life.

Nancy Wainer CPM midwife with more than 2400 births, birth educator and author