Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The Holistic Awareness Center is the quintessence of years of work, learnings, experiences and true passion for empowering people. All our modalities (Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, HypnoBirthing®, HypnoFertility, Alexander Technique, Healing Touch, Breatheology, Energy HealingThe HAC Mindfulness Method) train our clients to realize that the power lies within each one of us.

This is the place to strengthen your intuition and inner wisdom and achieve mindfulness and balance in your daily activities, so that life can be lived to the fullest, without unnecessary emotional, mental or physical ailments.

Through a holistic understanding of mind, body and spirit, we honor everyone’s individuality and help bring forth your own positive thinking and self-awareness.

"Truth can be tolerated only if you discover it yourself."

Fritz Perls (Psychiatrist)