Seeing things differently!

by | October 2020 | News

This month has been challenging. This might include children and adapting to the school schedule, work, errands, expenses and in general a new schedule that is going into effect, and has pushed away our previous, beloved routine.

All this external commotion also shakes our inner world. We often think “how I wish things were calm, easy”. Yes but…if everything were always the same, without the need to change and stretch ourselves, would we strive to retain our balance, would we wonder if we can keep our center and our peace intact no matter what?

Every time we feel the pressure of everyday life, let’s welcome it just like signing up in a new gym or starting a new sport, something that will move and stretch our muscles so they become stronger, leaner and healthier.

In our case, we can support this new training with
proper breathing, which is the first and most important life reflex (Breatheology)
more harmonious movement and body posture (Alexander Technique)
support and strengthening of our energy field (Healing Touch)
the reprogramming of our mind into more beneficial new habits and principles (Hypnotherapy).
The HAC (The Holistic Awareness Center) is based on the philosophy that mind, body and spirit are one. We welcome you in our center so we can put this principle into action.

Love and light,
Christina and Georgios