The HAC Mindfulness Method

The HAC Mindfulness Method

The HAC Mindfulness Method was first born in New York as an idea for self-improvement when Georgios started to notice how the city rhythm, struggles and daily demands begged for a more holistic approach that could help toward a harmonious co-existence of body, mind and spirit. Georgios had already been practicing separately the techniques he had studied, namely the kinesiologic Alexander Technique, the breathing technique of Breatheology and the energy medicine known as  Healing Τouch. However, he would often feel the need to utilize more than one methods, depending on what each person needed. In some sessions and inspired by his operatic singing studies, he also used singing and its known healing properties as a way to unblock his clients into achieving more calm and harmonious psychosomatic health levels.

Based on scientific studies on human physiology and neurology, the combination of breathing, kinesiologic and energy healing practices offers:

  • Improved breathing through specialized breathing, apnea, and endurance exercises
  • Better physical condition, based on exercises that promote proper movement, posture and body alignment
  • Avoidance and faster healing from injuries and body ailments
  • Strengthening oneself against stress and more effective reaction to daily stressful conditions
  • Self-improvement- enhanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health

The HAC Mindfulness Method is short for the method that originated in The Holistic Awareness CenterIt was created in the city of New York and is now active in Athens, Greece as well as in Miami, South Florida. The HAC Mindfulness Method effectively connects kinesiology, anatomy, breathing practices, and energy medicine, with the support of the most important Alexander Technique principles, but also based on the principles of Breatheology and Healing Touch.

"The process of the good life... means launching oneself fully into the stream of life"

Carl Rogers (Psychologist)