The sky is not the limit, it’s only the beginning

by | May 2021 | News

📸 Christina and Georgios @GrandCanyon, Arizona 


In The Holistic Awareness Center (HAC for short), we have created a community so as to share our expertise and practice ideas of how to treat body, mind and spirit as One. The Holistic Awareness Center has no borders of expansion and growth, and if you have met us through a session or a newsletter, you may have realized that we trust in the quote “The sky is not the limit, it’s only the beginning”. Working with you, one of the skills we have achieved together is to pause, breathe and listen. We hold the space and allow each other to be heard.. every session brings growth and a wonder-ful process for both sides- we can safely say that’s the best part of our day.

In the same way, we welcome this exchange not only during the sessions but also beyond them. So, if you feel so moved, write your review and share it with us on, on Google, or on Facebook. And make sure to follow our page on Facebook and Instagram, this way we can hold more space for you to express yourself and for us to grow our community. As you are the biggest part of The HAC’s story, soon we will have exciting news to share with you, so stay connected, share your experiences with us, give us your feedback and stay tuned for the next month’s newsletter. The beginning of the summer is in our skin and in our mood, the end of a long winter and its restrictions is the reality, this cycle is about to close and better days are here.

Stay tuned and enJoy!

Love and light,
Christina and Georgios