This has helped me in ways I can’t describe.

by | July 2019 | Testimonials

I was never hypnotized nor did I do any kind of past life work prior to my experience with Christina.  I’ve been going through some life changes and wanted to get a deeper understanding of myself in ways I couldn’t prior to our session.  I decided to jump in and trust whatever the outcome.

I felt very comfortable and completely trusted Christina.  She was clear in explaining how the session would go and in her guidance during the session.  She patiently guided me through the many layers of my present and past lives.  Even though we did a session via Skype, I felt as if she was in the room with me.

We went on a magical journey that confirmed and revealed so much to me and continues to do so now.  This has helped me in ways I can’t describe.  Subtle yet very powerful.

Christina is a very unconditionally loving respectful and caring practitioner.  She is right there with you while at the same time, making sure not to push or make you feel at all uncomfortable.   I can’t express enough gratitude and love for the work that Christina does.  As we all continue to move into a world of alternative self-healing and joyful discovery, Christina is a gem to work with.