Towards a positive mindset!

by | November 2020 | News

Here we are again, yet in another lockdown. This month for us has brought a lot, USA elections, family birthdays that will be celebrated only by our small family, and many, many zoom sessions with you.

On one hand, technology is taking over, but on the other hand, we spend our mornings trying to re-create a school environment for our little one, trying to make this as unique and meaningful as possible, with a few failures along the way.

Something in us is truly protesting- how can we possibly manage it all, studying, working, teaching a child, etc etc etc.. and yet something else in us is rejoicing because we now look into each others’ eyes a bit more, we feel each other’s presence and connection a bit more.

We take joy in seeing our son grow before our eyes, and we are there to actually see it. We sure miss the freedom, the travels, the HUGS with friends, but we do enjoy freezing time a bit, just enough to enjoy each other in our home.

Do you feel gratitude for anything during this quarantine? If yes, enjoy it, bless it, admire it. If not, we are here to support as much as we can toward a more harmonious balance of mind, body and spirit.

With love,

Christina & Georgios