“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”- Anatole France

by | March 2021 | News

Quietness of mind and body, silence and patience, a steady glance as they always “know”. Honest and direct, loving and free of judgment, a blessing to this world and a constant teaching experience for those who seek it. Playful and Wonderful with beauty and cuteness, without being invested in it.

We are talking about pets, the ones who teach us how to stand still, how to listen to our inner voice without distractions, social media, phone calls, or clutter. And we are eternally grateful for all the animals that chose us as partners in their lifetime. Here we present this beautiful black cat that magically appeared to us as we were walking on the mountain close to our home. We named him Mau after the feline personification of Sun God Ra of Egypt.

May we continue to bless and be blessed by these luminous beings as our paths meet..

With love and light,
Christina & Georgios